Please find below general responses to the most commonly asked questions received by our office from composers and the general public. This sheet has been compiled as we cannot satisfactorily answer all letters and email concerning our music publishing business; we have kept it as brief and simple as possible. I hope it is helpful.



What kind of music do you publish?

Red House Editions publishes written (notated) music by composers with skills in various forms of notation. We have a history of producing compilation volumes (sheet music) of scores for acoustic instruments. We are not a record label and, to date, have not published audio directly to CD (or similar) without the scores firstly being published.

Broadly, the style of music we have published is contemporary ‘art music’, or what can be seen as the extensions from 20th century Classical music. However, some represented works refer, quote and even sound like music of various folk, pop or aural music cultures.

To properly gauge the style - or breadth of style - we believe the only thing to do is closely examine our web catalogue, and view our scores via your Music Library (get them to order a compilation book or two).

Composers are welcome to post a CV (resume) and examples of one or two written scores (solo, to quartet), and/or other recordings. We will keep material on file and review it should a project ‘materialise’. We might then contact you and ask if you have particular music that might fit the publication, or invite you to write a new work, or adapt an existing piece. We do not have the resources to answer every composer query, nor can return of materials be assured.


Do you publish music by non-Australian composers?

Yes, but (to date) only as part of a specific international publication project. We have works by German, Korean, Dutch, and Norwegian composers and further projects are pending with other countries. One example of such a project is Piano Plus One which is a compilation book of scores by Australian and Korean composers - it features duets with piano central to each of the 10 works in the book. Four Hands is another example of a compilation book of scores for 4 hands (1 or 2 pianos), but in this case, with music by Australian and Dutch composers.


How do international projects originate?

Generally we come up with an idea for a collection and seek ways to facilitate the project. However, we are keen to respond to international opportunities and a number of projects have come about through international collaborations with composer collectives, universities, festivals and co-productions with other publishers (such as with CD labels).


What does ‘publishing’ mean?

Red House Editions enters into a standard copyright/publishing agreement with the composer for a specific work of music and promotes the published score through sales, performance, media reviews and recording to the best of it’s ability. Royalties are passed back to composers based on sales, or broadcast rights, etc. In general we edit, typeset and print scores, making them available and presentable to the public. In the process of promoting the music we encourage recording, performance and licensed reproduction of the catalogue.


How is Red House Editions different from many international music publishers?

We can be seen as a ‘project based’ publisher. We develop a project (or it is suggested to us), seek finance, and then source the composers or the new work for the project. We do not collect all the works of particular composers.

We are not large, perhaps more a 'boutique' music publisher, and subsequently do not have the resources of the international companies. However, we do pride ourselves on the quality of our publications and the acclaim that our publications and projects have received.


How do I obtain Red House Editions scores, recordings and books in USA, or Europe?

Libraries and bookshops can order directly from Red House Editions – so ask your library of bookshop to place an order with us. We have a mail-order facility through our Web Site and we can respond with details of payment methods and prices particular to your currency. Our books our distributed in Europe by United Music Publishers – see distributors listed in our order page for outlets. An increasing number of major USA University libraries and international Music Information Centres carry our score anthologies.


How do I increase my chance of having music published with Red House Editions?

If you have contacts with other groups in your country – such as composer or performer collectives, established performance groups, universities, funding bodies, festivals, record labels, etc. - who may wish to collaborate with Red House in some way, then feel free to get in contact with us. We are open to discussions about potential co-productions or good international and innovative projects that might also involve your music or ideas.


As a composer wishing to be published, what else can I do?

They are many ways to approach other publishers. It depends on what style of music you produce, your experience, how you wish to see your music used and distributed, and luck. Many composers send scores, recordings, CV’s, or ask publishers for more information, and will get a stock reply – or no reply at all.

Without a solid history (and the experience) of performances, airplay, recordings or awards, it can be very difficult to attract a publishers attention. Try building up your score folio and recordings, send tapes to radio stations, create relationships with performers and groups, make dubs of you best recordings and improve the look and relevance of your CV. Make sure you have copies of your scores in your national Music Information Centre, donate scores to libraries and join composer associations.

All such groups can be found by basic Web searches.



This paper was written in 1999 compiled to answer most commonly asked questions, it should not be regarded as a policy document. The managers of Red House Editions reserve the right to update, or alter, this FAQ as they so wish. We appreciate any feedback in response to these questions & answers, and will endeavour to improve and refine this FAQ over time.