International Shipment
Explanation & Red House Editions undertaking for all non-Australian mail orders.



All international mail-orders must include postage added to the sub-total on the order-form.

The minimum postage is $9 AUD for any order up to the value of $45 AUD. All orders over the value of $45 AUD are calculated by 20% of the sub-total.
For example, an order with a sub-total $36 must add (the minimum) $9 for postage, making a total of $45 dollars. An order with a sub-total of $70 must add 20%, which is $14, making a total of $84 dollars.


All cheques must be in Australian dollars. Credit card payments are preferred. If you are unsure of the current value of the Australian dollar visit a currency converter to estimate the order price in your currency.


If the customer provides an email address then they are sent an email confirmation (of their order) on the day that the package is posted.

Credit card orders are posted within 24 hours (1 working day) of receipt of the customerís order-form. Please allow for time differences between countries and the chance that orders are received on or just before the weekend break.

Cheque orders are posted when the cheque or money order is cleared. Cheque orders (and email confirmations) may be sent before cheque clearance at the discretion of The Manager

All international orders are sent economy airmail. Allow 14-21 days for delivery, depending on the quality of postal service within your country, and between your country & Australia.


We will not process any payment if the item is not in stock. Customers will be notified by email. Please note that this is very unlikely as out-of-stock items are deleted from the current order-form when the stock is at low levels - it has not occurred to date.


Red House Editions has been filling international mail orders since 1989, and we have not encountered any problems of delivery to date. We undertake to fill all orders, as above, and will ensure that all stock is well packaged and in good condition when it leaves our offices. On some occasions we have received incomplete order forms - please double check all details before posting or faxing your order-form.


Red House Editions is not responsible for any consequences of any customer's order incorrectly addressed or incorrectly marked by the customer. We reserve the right to change any of the above conditions and processes.