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Piano Miniatures is our most popular release to date. The book explores the concept of solo piano music written in the space of a single page. Forty-two Australian composers present 42 pieces with a variety of approaches to notation, brevity and sound result. A compact disk recording of the complete Piano Miniatures performed by Michael Kieran Harvey is also available.

Composers: Ross Bolleter, Warren Burt, Linda Ceff, David Chesworth, Andree Greenwell, Ross Hazeldine, Rainer Linz, Peter J.Myers, Mark C.Pollard, Thomas Reiner, Caroline Szeto, Joerg Todzy, Richard Vella, Lindsay Vickery, Ernie Althoff, Amelia Barden, Tim Dargaville, Stuart Davies-Slate, Peter Graham, Stuart Greenbaum, Stephen Leek, Christine McCombe, Hartley Newnham, Cuong Nguyen, Jeff Pressing, Greg Schiemer, Allan Walker, Mal Webb, Dal Babaré, Brenton Broadstock, Ann Carr-Boyd, Carolyn Connors, Roger Dean, Sarah de Jong, Graeme Gerrard, Lawrence Harvey, Stephen Holgate, Neil Kelly, Sheila Learmonth, Andrew Schultz, Larry Sitsky and Julian Yu.

48 pages (230 x 305mm), offset printed book, laminated red cover, scores and composer biographical sketches.

ISBN 0 646 30403 8

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Recent Australian Music Theatre [TEXT BOOK]


An introduction to the world of Contemporary Australian Music Theatre and Opera. An overview of music theatre activity and productions of this vital and diverse genre over the last decade. Representing over 32 companies and over 200 productions this important publication is the only book specifically about music theatre to be released in Australia to date.

144 pages (155x220mm) with 87 photos and illustrations, full colour laminated cover, burst bound, indexed .

Compact Disk.


Michael Kieran Harvey - piano

The highly acclaimed complete CD recording of the Australian Piano Miniature book by Australia's premiere contemporary pianist. This CD contains all 42 pieces which range from between 27 seconds to 4 minutes in duration.


Compact Disk. 67 minutes.

ISBN 0 646 23580 X


 Music for two pianists from Australia & The Netherlands

 Scores for two pianists from Australia and the Netherlands - the third book in the Duos Series. A unique grouping of pieces for one or two pianos.

  • Elena Kats-Chernin, Reductions I, II, V - for two pianos
  • Ron Ford, tema - for two pianos
  • Richard Ayres, Private Collection - for two pianos
  • Paul Panhuysen, Tom & Jerry, Number Made Audible - for two pianos
  • Louis Andriessen, Ittrospezione - for one piano*
  • Ross Hazeldine, Soft Tissue - for one or two pianos
  • Chris Dench, rushes - for one or two pianos *

68 pages (230x305mm), computer typeset (*composer facsimile), metallic gold coloured cover, offset printed book.


ISBN 0 646 15828 7


Australian Contemporary Works for Solo Cello

This compilation album of new solo works (composed between 1985 -1993) is the first cello book of its kind to be published in Australia. It features eight scores of various standards and styles by Australian composers.
  • Keith Humble, A Little Sonata in Two Parts
  • Mary Finsterer, Tract
  • Thomas Reiner, Three Sketches
  • Julian Yu, Dovetailing
  • Felix Werder, Violoncello Solo
  • Cindy John, Pitching
  • Newton Armstrong, Two Studies in Presence
  • Joerg Todzy, Why do Butterflies Cry?

40 pages (230x305mm), fully typeset, offset printed book, + cream-coloured cover.


ABC 456 682-2

memory unfolding CD

The recording release of the solo cello compilation book performed by Christian Wojtowicz, Julia Ryder and Friedrich Gauwerky. Supplemented by Transcripts and German Music.
  • Keith Humble, A Little Sonata in Two Parts
  • Julian Yu, Dovetailing
  • Cindy John, Pitching
  • Mary Finsterer, Tract
  • Ross Hazeldine, Transcripts
  • Joerg Todzy, Why do Butterflies Cry?
  • Warren Burt, German Music
  • Thomas Reiner, Three Sketches
  • Newton Armstrong, Two Studies in Presence
  • Felix Werder, Violoncello Solo

Compact Disk. 61 minutes.

ISBN 0 646 23579 6


Ten duos for guitar and one other instrument from Australia and Germany - the second book in the Duos Series. A rich collection of contemporary music from the introspective to the cutting concert pieces, a must for serious guitarists.

  • Mark Finsterer, Spell - for two guitars (4 min)
  • Clarence Barlow, Kaleidoscope - for two guitars, (5 min)
  • David Young, Ninazu - for guitar & voice, (6 min)
  • Gerhard Stäbler, bittersüß - for guitar & tuned glasses, (5 min)
  • Mark Pollard, Kissed by the Sun - for guitar & flute, (7 min)
  • Volker Heyn, Vermutungen über ein rotes Haus - for electric guitar & amplified violin, (6 min)
  • Anton Höger, aus dem Dunkel - for guitar & violin, (5 min)
  • Felix Werder, Out of Voronezh - for guitar & viola, (4 min)
  • Lesleigh Thompson, Sweet Talk - for guitar & cello, (5 min)
  • Itamar Erez, Conversations - for guitar & piano, (6 min)

60 pages (230x305mm), fully typeset, metallic blue coloured cover, offset printed book.


RED 9403

BITTERsweet (CD)

Geoffrey Morris - guitar

The complete CD recording of Guitar Plus One by one of  Australia's foremost contemporary guitarists. This recording contains all 10 works from the score publication.

Features Geoffrey Morris in duet with Ken Murray (guitar), Elizabeth Sellars (violin), Rosanne Hunt (cello), Elizabeth Barcan (flute), Deborah Kayser (voice), Deirdre Dowling (viola) and Mark Knoop (piano, glasses).

Compact Disk. 53 minutes.

ISBN 0 646 23578 8


Nine duos for piano and one other instrument by Australian and South Korean composers. This is the first book in the Duos Series, a series where Australian music is presented side-by-side with music from other countries.

  • Bonu Koo, Adieu Senior - for piano & oboe
  • Hyo-shin Na, November Mountain - for piano & clarinet
  • Chris Dench, mem(e) - for piano & bass flute
  • Warren Burt, November Eighteenth - for piano & trombone
  • Elena Kats-Chernin, Duo I - for piano & violin
  • Jae Eun Ha, Quodlibet - for piano & violin
  • Joerg Todzy, Easy Music - for piano & (one) string instrument
  • Mani Hong, White Wall - for piano & percussion
  • Sunhee Cho, Rain V - for piano & percussion

68 pages (230x305mm), fully typeset, metallic gold coloured cover, offset printed book.


ISBN 0 9587342-2-4


Eleven string quartets by Australian and Norwegian composers. This is the fourth book in the Duos Series - an exciting collection, from the extremely subtle to techno and rock influenced.

  • Kristin Andersen, Micro Random Silence
  • Gerard Brophy, Rondino
  • Eivind Buene, Fragmentarium II
  • Chris Dench, Stèles
  • Eve Duncan, Light Up
  • Petter Dyndahl, String Quartet No. 3.2
  • Matthew Hindson, technologic III
  • Sven Lyder Kahrs, Shed
  • Bjørn S. Kristensen, The Voice in the Rock
  • Peter Myers, Renovatus
  • Trond Reinholdtsen, Aus der Vergängnis

 48 pages (230x305mm), fully typeset, metallic green coloured cover, offset printed book.


ISBN 0 9587342-3-2


Fourteen solos and duets featuring violin by Australian and Hong Kong composers. This is the fifth book in the Duos Series - with music for solo and duet violin, violin & viola, and violin & cello, 

  • Wing Wah CHAN, Dragon Spirit
  • Cheung-wai HUI, From the Same Root
  • Brendan COLBERT, Stir
  • Daniel Chun-hoi NG, Nocturne for Two Violins
  • Joerg TODZY, Shadow of Broken Hearts
  • Gerard BROPHY, S & N
  • Victor CHAN, Passions From Within
  • David CHESWORTH, 400 Bows
  • Haydn REEDER, Bird
  • Daniel LAW, Two Lines and a Point
  • Brian Chatpo KOO, Folksong
  • Clarence MAK, Image for Solo Violin
  • Hing-yan CHAN, Ashes of the Glacial Crescent

56 pages (230x305mm), fully typeset, metallic grey coloured cover, offset printed book.


ISBN 0 9587342-5-9


Seven percussion pieces in ensemble and solo for 'suspended' instruments. Unique and rich.

  • Michael Atherton, mixo-masho
  • Brigid Burke, Night Light
  • Eve Duncan, Butterfly
  • Andrew Ford, Winterreise
  • Helen Gifford, The Anguish of Faustus
  • Erik Griswold, Rope Bridge
  • Andrian Pertout, Passage to Klungkung

48 pages (230x305mm), fully typeset, textured cream  coloured cover, offset printed book.


ISBN 0 9587342-4-0


Eleven colourful scores ideally suited to the adventurous brass ensemble. This compilation of new Australian works for duet through to large ensemble, is a unique contribution to the contemporary music repertoire.

  • Phillip Czaplowski, On the Move
  • George Dreyfus, Farewell Clive Douglas
  • Peter Graham, Arthur Boyd
  • James Hullick, Felix
  • Raffaele Marcellino, Bea MIles, 
  • Raffaele Marcellino, Steve Monaghetti
  • John Peterson, Landmarks
  • Mark Pollard, Lincoln Takes a Breath
  • Andrew Schultz, Sea Call
  • Ian Shanahan, Ritual Canon
  • Wendy Suiter, Paul Keating


44 pages (230x305mm), fully typeset, gloss white  cover, offset printed book.


Reeds Music Book

ISBN 0 646 29648 5


Flexible scores for woodwind ensembles. Eleven pieces by Australian composers with varying degrees of adaptability for use by professional or student ensembles. Reeds is an excellent teaching and school resource of woodwind ensemble pieces.

  • Mark Pollard, be it ever so humble - solo to large ensemble
  • Rainer Linz, Walk on Parts - solo to large ensemble
  • Robert Jackson, Six of One - duet
  • Marguerite Boland, A Peculiar Object - trio
  • Brigid Burke, Shades of a Breeze - trio to large ensemble
  • Lindsay Vickery, Twilights Last Gleamings - quartet
  • Mal Webb, The ants are my friend - quartet
  • Tony Hawkins, à bout de souffle - quartet to large ensemble
  • Eve Duncan, Not Yet - sextet to large ensemble
  • Warren Burt, The View from Beaumaris - sextet to large ensemble
  • Tim Dargaville, cover me with delicate foliage - octet to large ensemble

44 pages (230 x 305mm), offset printed book, laminated green cover, scores & performance notes.

ISBN 0 646 33751 3


The complete piano music of Australian composer Helen Gifford as composed 1960-94. Seven sensual and emotional scores for piano.

  • Piano Sonata (1960)
  • Catalysis (1963)
  • Three Pieces (1966): Cantillation, The Spell, Waltz
  • Toccata Attacco (1990)
  • A Plaint for Lost Worlds (1994) - Trio for Piccolo, Bb Clarinet & Piano

56 pages (230 x 305mm), offset printed book, laminated purple cover, scores & forward.

ISBN 0 9587342-1-6


Australian Guitar Miniatures contains 30 works for solo. duo or trio guitars. A variety of styles and performance standards suitable for the guitar student and the experienced concert performer alike.
Guitar Editor - Geoffrey Morris

Composers: Michael Atherton, Michael Barkl, Gerard Brophy, Brigid Burke, Warren Burt, Brendan Colbert, Roger Dean, Chris Dench, Eve Duncan, Mark Finsterer, Peter Graham, Stuart Greenbaum, Ingrid Guymer, David Harris, Matthew Hindson, Elena Kats-Chernin, Michael Knopf, Richard Vella, Rainer Linz, Rob Lovett, Raffaele Marcellino, Scott McIntyre, Roger Pell, Rohan Phillips, Jeff Pressing, Haydn Reeder, Thomas Reiner, Caroline Szeto, Lindsay Vickery and Felix Werder.


56 pages (230 x 305mm), offset printed book, laminated orange cover, scores and composer biographical sketches.


Individual Australian Titles




  • Three Pieces - for SATB choir, by Rainer Linz, (4 min)
  • Transcripts - for solo cello, by Ross Hazeldine, (4 min)
  • Schumanniana - for orchestra, by Thomas Reiner


25 pages, offset printed orchestral concert score, parts available for hire.



The logo series are independently bound pieces for a variety of instruments. Scores range from 1 to 16 pages, each within the standard red cover.
  • Of old Angkor - for french horn & percussion, by Helen Gifford, (5 min)
  • German Music - for solo cello, by Warren Burt, (5 min)
  • Forever - for guitar & piano, by Joerg Todzy, (6 min)
  • Exit - for solo piano, by Ross Hazeldine, (6 min)
  • Lingua Silens Florum - for prepared alto recorder, by Ian Shanahan,
    (1 min)
Fully computer typeset pieces, 210x296mm page size.