Red House Editions is an independent Australian music publishing group based in Melbourne. Since establishment in 1990 we have specialised in publishing contemporary music and related audio. We are the proud recipient of the 1997 Sounds Australian Award for Most Distinguished Contribution to the Presentation of Australian Composition by an Organisation.

Most of our productions are 'project specific' such as our album of solo cello works, one page ‘miniature’ piano works, or the Duos Series joint productions with the countries of Korea, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Hong Kong. Our catalogue features music by composers based in Australia and in the above mentioned countries.

Our latest 2004 music book releases are; Portraits - eleven scores for brass ensemble by Australian composers, and Suspensions - seven works for percussion with suspended instrumentation. The most recent international compilation was Passion Within which is a book of string works featuring the violin from Australia & Hong Kong.  A feature of 1998 was the release of the book Australian Guitar Miniatures and it's premiere at the 1998 Melbourne International Festival. Other important releases include Four Hands - music from Australia and the Netherlands for two pianists, and Micros - music form Norway and Australia for string quartet.

Our sheet music is distributed worldwide with our European agent being United Music Publishers (London). The manager of Red House Editions, Ross Hazeldine can be contacted at the address below should you have any enquiries about music under our copyright.